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Final Master Project, 17 weeks & individual

A training platform called Blizzard was created for the context of ice hockey, with a focus on junior hockey players between the age of 8 and 14. The system consists of a sensor embedded hockey puck, a docking station and a software DVD. Using digital information generated by the actual game in real-time, several training programs were been developed that focus on specific game elements like tempo, passing and puck handling.
This animation illustrates the concept that was developed and realized.

Please feel free to have a look at the Project Report.


Microsoft Design Expo 2008 - Master Class Design for Interaction

Ennea is an educational platform that stimulates social development through reflection upon real-life student-based information, simultaneously providing tutors with an online device to monitor, guide and support high school freshmen through their first semester’

This project was chosen to represent the Eindhoven University of Technology at the Microsoft Research Design Expo 2008. It will also be displayed at the Dutch Design Week, october 2008.

For more information, please have a look at the Project's Website, you can also review the presentation given at the Microsoft Design Expo here.

During the masterclass there were 6 teams competing; the results have been collected in a very nice booklet which can also be viewed online here.

Concis - Bathroom

Bathroom design for Hansgrohe

This project was done for Hansgrohe AG in Singapore. The assignment was to design a new concept for a bathroom, using 'the tropical rainforest' as the main starting point.Instead of designing from a product's perspective, I took the liberty to start from the user's perspective. This way I managed to create two individual bathroom elements, containing everything you need for a revitalising Bathroom Experience.

Taking the user as the center focus, the Concis shower element creates a feeling of pureness and serenity. Instead of an enclosed space, the vertical bars create a tension that can also be felt when being in the rainforest; 'Am I visible to others or not?' What counted in this bathroom was that it should be a totally new experience. Therefore not only the user's viewpoint was used as a starting point, also the way instruments should be used, in other words, the interaction style was redesigned. The Concis Shower-element introduces an innovative way of interaction, which positively contributes to the user's perception of the bathroom experience.

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Project In-Flight Entertainment

For this project I created a totally new definition of In-Flight Entertainment. Instead of using a bottom-up approach -looking from the product's point of view-, I developed a future vision wherein the total flight-experience was the main focus.
By firstly creating a more abstract vision, I am able to discover new possibilities for innovative products and also other related services. Eventually a working prototype of the new In-Flight Entertainment console was built, and a complete business model was designed.

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Extend Your Senses / Open New Doors

Finding new ways to experience the physical world

We connect to the world through our body, and we act and experience our world through our senses as an intricate interplay of movement and perception. Modern electronics and sensors that have become available offer the possibility to create tools or wearables which can sense various aspects of the physical world, and can mediate the information that they sense to users through different channels. Thus, if we can use these electronic sensors to create new sensing abilities of the body, we can not only change the experiences that are open to us, but we might be able to learn to interact with the world in novel ways. - taken from the project brief by René Ahn-

For this research project, Jing Wang and I created two prototypes that were able to wirelessly transmit a person's heartrate to the other person. This heartrate was then translated to a vibrating bracelet. The prototypes had a wireless range of approximately 30 meters. Since a heartrate responds almost immediately to many phenomena, the vibration of the bracelet turned out to be an extremely intimite feeling. Many people really felt connected to the person wearing the transmitting prototype.
For more information, please have a look at my Semester Report.

Rights Through Making / Ethics In Design

One-week visit to the University of Florence, Italy

During this module (a one week clash-course on a specific topic) we went to Italy with a number of students. We worked on concepts related to the Declaration of Human Rights. We developed and designed a product in which the user would experience the selected article in its upmost essence. In our product, the user could express his own feelings and opinions by rubbing, pulling and closing buttons. Also the way of wearing was completely open.

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This is me.

About me

Hi, my name is Laurens Doesborgh,

and I recently graduated from the Eindhoven University of Technology in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. I followed both the Bachelor's course as well as the Master's course Industrial Design.

During these past 5 years I have really enjoyed working on a wide variety of project, concerning many different topics and involving many different clients. This is also what makes me quite an allround person. I really like to work on different topics, and take on new projects with a lot of enthousiasm.

More information about my education can be found on the following site


This is where I'm at.

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These are some of the companies I've worked for during the previous years.

During my final year of the masters course, I did a brief internship at Philips Design, more specifically in the Probes group. Philips Design Probes is a dedicated ‘far-future’ research initiative to track trends and developments that may ultimately evolve into mainstream issues that have a significant impact on business.
The Probes generate insights from research in five main areas; politics, economic, culture, environments and technology futures.

During my time in Singapore, I enrolled in a competition for Hansgrohe, a bathroom manufacturer. This was an individual enrollment which was very nice to do, this project can be viewed in the section on the left called "Concis".

As part of the Student Exchange Program, I swapped my Dutch lifestyle for a Singapore one. During this semester I took part in modules and classes provided by the School of Design and Environment of the National University of Singapore. The output of some of this work can also be seen on this website.

As part of the bachelors course curriculum, I did an internship at People on the Move Studios; This company has a big focus on airline design, but also works on many other projects that aren't related to airlines. I also worked with this company during one of my personal projects called 'IFE'.

Since the age of 13 I have been working at Leurs Garden Center as a sideline job. I have always enjoyed working there, I went from allrounder to salesman to webdesigner and graphic designer, but I still love to do all of them since it varies greatly. Currently I still work there during the weekends.


You can also print it.

If you'd rather have a printed version of my portfolio, you can download it in PDF-format by clicking on the image below. This version also includes a more detailed version of my resume.